The-Remote Pro has all the same features of The-Remote with the added features of having 10 separate channels. The-Remote Pro allows you to activate your feeder from up to 175 yards away! It features ultra-low power consumption (less than 1/3 mA) so it won't drain your battery. Works with 6 Volt or 12 Volt feeders and is the perfect solution for controlling your truck/ATV feeder without wires. Easy installation (instructions included). For use with feeders with only ONE motor and single-stage timers.
Click Here for THE-REMOTE PRO Instructions

175 + Yard Range

THE-REMOTE is pre-set for a 5 second run time and with correct conditions has a 175+ yard range.

6 or 12 Volt Operation

THE-REMOTE is designed to plug directly into THE-TIMER but can operate any 6v or 12v motor.

Easy Installation & Connection

Mount receiver with antenna pointing down…operate transmitter with antenna pointed up for best reception.

Operate Road Feeders

THE-REMOTE can also be used to operate your road feeder.